Friday, August 17, 2012

Rebecca Potter and my Mother Melinda Pillsbury Foster, Calling me Morgan Pillsbury Gell a Psychopath,On live radio! I have never met Rebecca Potter she has Never had me in her office as a paitent. Rebecca Potter lost her license as you will read below. Melinda Pillsbury is Mentally Ill and has never helped anyone with anything. Melinda Pillsbury had never helped anyone with PTSD. Melinda Pillsbury foster gives people PTSD. These crazy people on RUMOR MILL NEWS RADIO Should be off the air. We are fileing charges so are many other people. Im sorry the world is letting these Mentally ill, Evil People post Lies and Libel on live Radio and Blogs its truly sick.

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    Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Melinda Pillsbury Foster, Is Mentally ill we are not sure what she has but her story's never add up. Melinda is in a state of mind close to Schizophrenia. She has Delusions, Melinda makes things up and believes them. Her Sentences do not make sence to anyone who knows her. Melindas Personal hygiene has always been bad and the way she dresses.Melinda also has told people she is good at cooking and many other things that we all know she is not capable of in anyway. Melinda Pillsbury Foster is getting worse with age. Her blogs show her illness as well. Melinda Pillsbury Foster never met James Dean that is a fantasy.

    Signs and Symptoms
    Schizophrenia is a mental illness that usually strikes in late adolescence or early adulthood, but can strike at any time in life. The signs and symptoms vary from individual to individual, but all people with the disorder show one or more of the following symptoms:
    1. Delusions: These are beliefs that are not true, such as feeling people are following or trying to hurt them, believing other people can read their minds, or beliefs that they have special powers or abilities.
    2. Hallucinations: This usually takes the form of hearing voices that are not there, but people with schizophrenia may also see, smell, taste, and feel things that are not there.
    3. Bizarre behavior: This can be expressed in many different ways. In short, the individual behaves in ways that seem inappropriate or strange to other people.
    4. Disorganized speech: The individual speaks in ways that are hard to understand. For instance, sentences might not make sense, or topic of conversation changes with little or no connection between sentences. Sometimes speech is completely incomprehensible.
    5. "Negative symptoms": This includes lack of motivation or interest, diminished cognitive functioning, and decreased emotional expression. Individuals may lose interest in attending to their own personal hygiene, have little interest in interacting with others, and rarely seem to feel or express strong emotions.

    Melinda Pillsbury Foster was not my Legal Guardian or my mother. My wonderful Grandparents wanted custody because my mother Melinda Pillsbury Foster was not a fit mentally stable parent.

    My name is Morgan Gell,

    I have have a wonderful family my two beautiful boys are fun, Extremely smart, Very interested school and have many friends.. Both of our sons are gentleman and have high marks in education already.
    They make me smile everyday. My husband and I are very proud. Our children are beautiful our home is filled with love.

    My husband and I work very hard and we also have a book coming out about my life as a daughter of a mentally ill woman.  Melinda Pillsbury foster, She calls herself a journalist so she can get away with doing slanderous blogs and stalk good people that includes my family. And many others. Rebecca Potter who I have never met has done a radio show on Rumor Mill news radio, A show who obviously does not do any research on who they have on the show.
    Rebecca Potter lost her license to practice as a Psychologist in december for sleeping with a client and oweing him 5,000 dollars. Melinda Pillsbury foster has no idea what she is talking about. Melinda Pillsbury and Rebecca Potter are both frauds.

    My struggle as a young woman when you have a mother constantly destroying everything and causing serious distress in many other peoples lives.  My life was changed by my mothers strong hold and mental illness it changed not only myself but many others.

    Until I realised that my mother, Melinda Pillsbury foster was always lieing, Extorting money, Making strange business plans that never ever happen. Always trying to do and say horrible things to other people and our family.   I was entrapped in her lies and could not get out.  We all want a mothers love.

    I Finally feel free now of Melinda Pillsbury fosters, Evil. And hold on my emotional life.

    I  have people around me in support my life feels free of the mental illness she has put upon me and many others.  It is a feeling I cant explain, I could not have done it with out the support of friends and my family.
    Finally, I have got away from my Evil mother and her sick mind and in fact serious mental illness.
    She has hurt so many people young and old. She has a way of getting into your life it hard to explain.
    Then she wont go away she needs to make people pay. She calls herself,  THE Melinda Pillsbury foster for a reason.
    Melinda lost conservitorship in 2007, of my brother AurthurPillsbury Foster. Because the State had so many complaints about how Melinda had him living all over the country at other peoples homes then they would be homeless.
    Melinda was cashing Authurs state checks for food and gas money and living off of Aurthur feeding him junk food. We are all worried about Aurthur we have no idea what Melinda is doing with him.
    Ron fosters is Aurthurs father in Long Beach California. Not Craig Franklins son. Another lie by Melinda Pillsbury foster

    My entire family none of us speak to her. All five of us have now entirely disowned Melinda Pillsbury foster as our mother several years ago now. I now am the last except for my other brother in California Justin.
     None of us want our children near our Mother Melinda Pillsbury foster she will never see any of her grandchildren. I think this speaks volumes in a family and who Melinda Pillsbury foster really is.
    As you will see she has no recent photos of us or our children, Because she is not invited to any family gatherings of any of her children.  My family has been ruined by The Melinda Pillsbury foster..

    Melinda never knew James Dean, This is a perfect example of her huge story's always trying to use other peoples names to get her so called Journalism out there with her name attached, Always attached to someone else who either has a family name, Money or any notoriety, We all have watched her destroy anyone who comes into her life.

    My husband and myself in the sake of all people will not put up with this sick behaviour anymore we are filing charges and soon,  Melinda Pillsbury foster will not be able to stalk people with her mental illness on the Internet or otherwise again. 
    Melinda Pillsbury Foster is not my mother she is not a person I would want as a friend.

    Morgan Gell.
    The very proud Gell family