Friday, December 14, 2012

Dr Phil, Melinda Pillsbury foster Baught my brother a Motorcycle and he got into a tragic accident against Craig Franklins her X husband told her not to purchase the motorcycle!! Melinda tells more lies about this story as Melinda Pillsbury foster is the reason my brother Aurthur almost died!! Dr Phil, This is my sweet and smart brother my mother Melinda Pillsbury Foster talks baby talk to him he is a adult now. Aurthur has No life, He has no social life he is capeable of friendship and is smart. Melinda takes him no where Melinda does not cook because, Melinda Pillsbury foster cant Cook anything but Weenies and Peanut Butter and Jelly. My brother receives money from the state, Melinda his mother lives off of my brothers state money. Melinda Pillsbury foster has run him all over the country to many peoples homes, Van Hughes,Karl schwartz, Raylan Smith, There are several people and many other homes over many years Melinda Pillsbury Foster our mother has shacked up at. Then people kick her out into the street with my brother. Melinda Pillsbury foster was also trying to live at the running for Governor of Montana's home, but he was smart! He kicked her out of the state! The state police had to escort her and my brother and two cats out of the state of Montana! My brother Aurthur has not seen his brothers and sisters in years. Melinda keeps him away from people we miss him so much. Melinda has taken him from the world he goes no where! So sad! Where will Aurthur live next Melinda will be homeless again soon. The woman she is with now wants her home and her business back. Melindas track record is that she ruins anything she touches. Melinda has no education or degree in anything but calling herself a Journalist is all she has left in life. Melinda Pillsbury foster is not a Journalist. She stalks people! Everyone is watching as she gets No hits on her websites and has never sold a book ever!