Friday, December 21, 2012

Melinda Pillsbury Foster, When are you going to give up on Craig Franklin you have been Divorced 16 years now! Get a life someday. Merry Christmas to a evil mother none of us want to ever see again.

The Melinda,  Married three times! Thrice divorced

In response to your latest "attention grabbing" blog, or more like a long undigested ramble, Something the cat would cough up.  In response to that...  Craig and my conversations are filled with intellectual commentary and opinions, great ideas, thoughts of world improvement. 
He shares how much he loves his life and has never been happier.  Craig is dating several lovely women, well over the age of majority - and he's living his dream life. He's never been so happy, So joyful, so artistic.  His entire life has improved since he left YOU.  He now has peace and freedom and the ability to spend his own money how he wishes.  Without your input!  Oh and Mom... Sis... Just to let you know.. 
Craig is a loving step father and I'm happy to share with him and include him in my life. 

Craig Franklin put all of your children through college and has always been there for us. 
More than you have, mommy dearest! 
Craig isn't whining, he's wining and dining!  Aren't you so jealous!  Don't you wish you had a career and value and a home for you and our brother Aurthur to live in! Is Raylan going to let you have a Christmas tree?  
Craig never had a recipt for porn? It was your receipt!   You planted it to make once again the only man who has taken care of you and your Children you ungrateful Granny Grifter! 
You blamed it on Craig the only man who has a JOB and has supported you and your mentall illness. YOU Melinda didn't cook or clean anything! You never worked a day in your entire life or had any money making skills and your over infaltion of you importance.