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I Thank All of you who Emailed me Regarding the Post by First Step
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 15-Jan-2013 13:28:48

Thank you for speaking up and making me listen.
One thing I have learned is I can not make any decisions when I am sick. As most of you know, my dog, Buck and I have shared a dog virus for months now. I never even knew this could happen, but evidently there are several viruses that can be passed from human to dog and dog to human.
Neither Buck nor I have fully recovered from this virus. In my case, my weakened immune system allowed a kidney infection to take hold. That depleted my adrenals resulting in adrenal burnout. I have been fighting my way back to health but for the last several weeks, I have been so sick that I haven't been able to read new things and fully understand them. I have letters from Social Security telling me I owe them $10,000 and ones from Medicare that are so complicated that I feel I need a lawyer to interpret them for me. (I don't owe Social Security $10,000 and I can prove this to them... but it will take days of my time pulling all the information together and if I don't do this in 60 days, they will take this as my agreement that I do owe them $10,000.)
During this time of illness for me... as most of you know, FOUR of my computers crashed. My two main ones, and two others that I have in reserve in case something happens to my two main ones. It truly appeared to me that someone had come in on my wireless network. I have been told this is impossible, but there was an HP computer on the network and there is not an HP computer in my house. The only HP I ever owned I had was stolen and none of my HP printers are connected to computers.
If this was an attack, I was taken down completely. I was virtually off the internet. I was using a tablet during that time to even read or post on RMN. Thank God for Walmart after Christmas sales. I bought an excellent Acer 4 gig computer for $270.00. It lasted me until I got my iMac working again and one of my Windows repaired. That Windows computer has a number of programs that i use all the time... for making special webpages, images and uploading to the server.
Buck's illness started in August. Mine started the Sunday before Thanksgiving and I am still not back to normal. And believe me, I have tried everything known to modern healers. As you know, I have access to the most gifted healers on the planet.
I was getting better, but something changed in the Force and I went down again about 10 days ago. It was during this second collapse that First Step began asking me to post what he posted yesterday.
I did not have the energy to build a separate webpage as we do for ads. It was my belief that there was going to be a separate page that was linked to by a banner.
However, during this time something else happened regarding the way I feel about Melaleuca. In other words, I got TWO messages at the same time and when this happens... I listen.
I received an order from Melaleuca. I really love their cleaning products and this is why I joined the company in the first place. I especially love their laundry products and their dish washing products. I also love some of their bar soaps. This is what I usually buy from them. They have a prespot product that has saved more of my clothes than you can believe. Stains that had been set in for years were taken out with this prespot product. Last month, I had failed to place an order and when you fail to do this, Melaleuca sends you what they think you should know about. In other words, they don't take YOUR last back order and just refill it, they put together something... usually new products... and send them to you.
This month I received a tube of toothpaste... WITH FLOURIDE in it. I could NOT believe that a socially elevated company was selling toothpaste with flouride in it.
I was planning on writing a letter to the President of the company and sending him all of the proof we have here on RMN that flouride is deadly and especially deadly to older folks like me.
But then this horrible post was made in the Reading Room by First Step and I decided to just cut my ties with the entire company.
As I said, I did not realize when I told him that I was too ill to even be able to interpret what he had written, that he had intended to post what he wrote in the Reading Room. I thought it was going to be an ad banner linked to an offsite page. I had forgotten that he had posting privileges.
Yes, it was an ad. All of you are right... it was an ad and as such it should not have been posted in the Reading Room.
There are times that I think a certain product is so important that I, or one of our other Admins, will post something that is an ad. Melinda and I just did this regarding the Sleep CDs. Quite frankly, without those Sleep CDs I think my health would be in worse shape than it is. The Sleep CD works to help you sleep, but it also works to help your general health. I have been using it for about a week. Yesterday morning I felt great. I was up at 5am and organized my office that had been torn apart while I tried to find the recovery CD for my iMac. I then gave a three hour lecture on the Templar Prosperity Meditation... and then I attended a meeting at our church that lasted til 10pm. In other words I really thought I had beaten my illness and was on the road to recovery.
And then I awoke today feeling as drained of energy as I have been for the two months. Before I went to sleep last night, I read all the emails from RMN Readers. This has taught me that no matter how much pressure I am getting from anyone, that if I am not well and thinking clearly that I will never agree to anything again. The post was never intended to go into the Reading Room. If I gave FirstStep the impression that I was going to post it in the Reading Room, that was my mistake. I should have told him that I didn't have the energy to make a separate webpage and that I had no intention of posting it in the Reading Room. It was a lack of thorough communication on my part. I have learned a valuable lesson. I can not make decisions when I am not feeling well.
I apologize for this egregious breaking of the rules for posting in the Reading Room.
Because of this, and because this company uses fluoride in their toothpastes, I have ended my relationship with Melaleuca. In the future i will never be involved with another company that is organized in this fashion.
The reason that I even agreed to work with Melaleuca is because I have been working with the company founded by one of the brothers who founded Melaleuca. This is the Jerky Direct Company. I love their products. Everyone I know loves their products and you can set yourself up in business for $12.00 a month and have all the tax advantages of a real company. I have been with Jerky Direct for over 10 years and have had no bad experiences at all.
I think the brother who owns Melaleuca should take lessons from the brother that owns Melaleuca. The only justification that I gave myself for spending $60.00 a month on Melaleuca products was that I would spend that much anyway on cleaning supplies and they wouldn't be as safe as the Melaleuca products.
In light of the very bad experience that has been made public by the post in the Reading Room, I can no longer be part of this company. I've had my reservations about it, but I really do love their cleaning products, and after having Swiffer wet jet cause seizures in my little dog Toby, I knew that I could not have chemical products in my house because of the dogs. No one should be using mainstream chemical products if you have animals, children or the elderly in your house. Because of this I continued to buy Melaleuca because I just didn't have the time to research other healthy and safe products.
However, the reaction of my reading audience to the "ad" that was placed by FirstStep was just too much for me to ignore. This many RMN Readers could NOT be wrong. The more emails I read, the more I realized that even I was having reservations about this company.
I know that in today's world, I will find products that are just as good and and possibly even more safe for humans and animals. And there will be no strings attached when I do find that company.
One such company that I have been buying a lot of things from is -- It's a "club" like Sam's Club or Costco. You do have to join on a yearly basis. I was one of the lucky ones who joined before they started and as such have a lifetime membership.
I just checked out their household products and I see that I will have no problems finding the things I need to clean my house safely.
I just saw that they now have fresh, seasonal fruits. They have not carried fresh foods before. Unfortunately for us Easterners, they are only shipping to the western United States. But if you are like me and have no health food stores in your town... you might consider having them shipped to you if you live in the Western United States.
I have about enough energy to handle one crisis a day. The crisis I was going to handle today was my dog Buck. He needs to see the specialist again. Even though he is eating and not losing any more weight (he lost 40 pounds), he has a cough. And now the two little dogs have the same cough. I fear that this virus Buck and I shared may have infected the little ones.
My thoughts are all over the place. I apologize for this. And I apologize for not understanding that First Step was going to post an ad in the Reading Room. I truly thought that it was going to just be a banner ad.
But I listened to my readers and I have severed my relationship with this company. RMN Readers know best!!
Thank you for speaking up and making me listen.
Your much humbled servant,

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P.S. Raye read this post and reminded me to mention I'm working for Rumor Mill News as Advertising Director and this month we received 68,000,000 hits. Contact me about buying an ad, as you will get exposure you did not imagine possible! She wants me to start putting these up so you can follow events. Bye - and wish us luck!