Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wendy Buford Montagu was ordered away from her home and her Children in 2007. Her children pleaded with the courts and the third party children's doctor. Both children were afraid of WENDY BUFORD MONTAGU and refused to see her without a third party present. The courts then ordered the sheriff Department to be with the children if there was to be any visit at all. The children as you can read below refused to see there mother they were afraid of wendy buford montagu her Excessive drinking, ANGER and Volatility the were afraid of wendy buford montagu she was ordered by the courts to do Drug rehab for a year. WENDY BUFORD MONTAGU told the press that her x husband told lies that got her into rehab. The truth is her children and many others wrote letters to the courts and the Judge saw fit that wendy buford did not hurt her children any more! WENDY BUFORD IS A LIER AND A CON ARTIST.