Sunday, December 15, 2013

OUR MOTHER Melinda Pillsbury Foster references having sex with James dean? OUR FAMILY NEVER KNEW JAMES DEAN MELINDA PILLSBURY FOSTER IS DREAMING, AND VERY CREEPY FOR JAMES DEAN AND HIS HISTORY. Here below. IN melinda pillsbury fosters own words, Melinda Pillsbury Foster talks about how good James Dean was! Or that she cried? my mother never knew James Dean ever!

54. James Dean and Melinda connect
Anger drains away
Acknowledged, owned and known
Boil bursting
Easing hurting
Throbbing cools
peace renewal
Anger gives us self to learn

I use anger, fear and pain
To pinpoint needed change
Body wisdom
Spirit mind
show me where to use my time

Giving birth to Shadows death
I flow with peace and grace at last

it was an explosion of pain
The pain owned me and
I was consumed in it.
Jimmy was good.
Hour after hour a small girl cried
Aloud, denying, lies and holding
Jimmy was good, Jimmy was good
Jimmy was good, good good.
(Written for Women Together at the Unitarian Society. Reflecting remembrance of a traumatic childhood event.)