Friday, January 30, 2015

Dear Raylan, When is the moving day!

Dear Raylan, When is the moving day!  

We should all come and help! Melinda would love to see the many People and family and strangers Melinda Pillsbury Foster has never met but stalks them and there family's and children. 
Melinda has to hide behind a computer and a ROOM in someone else's home. As Melinda 
Gets personal information on you in your home and try's to get into your computer also!
Be careful she's steal everything. 
Don't worry about your kitchen, Melinda can't cook anything but peanut and Jelly! 
Melinda stays in her Room on her computer stalking day and night Melinda is a coward and Cowards are like that. 

IS Melinda going to go to a local homeless shelter. Aurthur would be better off without her stealing his money! He would eat better and have a stable life with family and friends. Aurthur should write
A book. He's seen Melinda Pillsbury hurt everyone. 

Reality is we have people.ready  to take Melinda off the Internet for stalking and posing as a Journalist is a disgrace to real quality Journalists. Many Senators and state officials are seeing FAKE bloggers and journalists needing tough regulations. 

When are you moving Raylan it's time!  
Get the evil Melinda Pillsbury Foster out of your life 
She ruins people's lives.   
Church certainly is not a place for her. 

The Anti Melinda movement