Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Makes Narcissists like Melinda Pillsbury Foster Tick? The malignant narcissism of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) Explains why narcissists behave the way they do - viewing others as prey to treat like dirt or tear down in order to prop up their delusions of superiority. Dear Raylan, We all feel care and feel horrible about Melinda Pillsbury Foster showing you her mentally ill unstable real self. ALL of us have been stalked by Melinda Pillsbury Foster for YEARS, Our family's have been hurt, Our Children have been devastated by Melinda Pillsbury Foster, Our business and friends have been hurt and devastated by THE MELINDA PILLSBURY and her lies and stalking.

Dear Raylan,

Let us all Realize as gods Children that no one on this Earth
Is Perfect.
But it is not a pass to destroy family's and children futures you've never met.
To write and speak one sided story's of  people and truths you know nothing
About. And publicly humiliate innocent people. People you never met.

As you stated yourself in your last letter to Us all,  Melinda was homeless
And you only knew her over many phone calls. Over the phone.
Never just trust someone you have never met or spent any time with.
Melinda the Psychopath arrived at your door and like they do plan
To destroy your life.  As she will continue like she does with everyone she 

We all care about you Raylan and are afraid for you Melinda Pillsbury Foster is dangerous.
You were warned by many many people about Melinda. People told you she was
Trying to take your home and business. Well now you know. We all have been there
Melinda  steals everything from everyone.
And yet Melinda Pillsbury Foster still has nothing but blogs.

If you are willing to get Melinda Pillsbury Foster off the Internet for good.
We are ready and there are Many of us.
We need all Melinda Pillsbury Fosters Radio Shows about our family's , And The Duke taken down off off Rumor Mill News Web sites, and Radio shows.  It has hurt our family's and children Deeply
As it has hurt you in your life. This is what Melinda does.  She has no one left.

The fact is none of us have had business or hired Melinda Pillsbury Foster or invited her in our lives
The duke has over 500 calls from Melinda Pillsbury begging him to call
Her. That she loved him. She stalked them for months on email. There garage was broken into
And there home twice. Many other stories here.
The Psychopath melinda exploded after just ten days then her blogs started. 
His speargun incident never happened I guess none of you read court minutes.
And Marion Stoner was married with three kids, she lied to get money. It's all been researched
In a book to be released all impeccably researched. Not by yellow journalists or trustees.

Wendy M Buford was taken away from her children from the judge in the
Child custody case because the judge saw and heard from many people and her children how afraid of Wendy they were. The judge ordered her to do drug testing and was taken Away from her children for over a year. Melinda stated on your radio show it was the Duke, it was the Judge who ordered Wendy Montagu Buford away from her children. Many unresearched complicated but SERIOUS LIES told once again.

We have never met you or Rebecca Potter who had lost her license as a psychologist and was doing
Live radio shows with Melinda pillsbury Foster who has no experience or education in Psychotherapy. Or any other field.