Sunday, April 26, 2015

In all Seriousness Melinda Pillsbury Foster lives off of her son Arthur's state check, Melinda talks about people she's never met or had any business with, Melinda our mother was forced to leave Cedar Slope California, Melinda owes a Million dollars in unpaid TAXES. Melinda Pillsbury foster has no education in anything she's never had a business. Melinda Pillsbury Foster left California in a Hurry Melinda, knew she was going to be arrested. Her cabin has several Liens on it. Melinda drove to Montana where she showed up in a governors driveway uninvited, and was Escorted our of Montana by local police. Melinda has been known in our family as the Granny Grifter, she shows up at people's homes and refuses to leave, Usually destroying the home and lives with lies. Melinda Pillsbury Foster has a great imagination if she talks to you on the phone or meets you she thinks you owe her, Melinda makes up fake story's and fake emails, Melinda Pillsbury also comments on her own BLOGS. Melinda is a 66 year old Lady living in Section 8 Housing making up her own FAKE fantasy life story's. Melinda lives in a Dream world she makes up of people she met once, or not at all. None of her children have spoken to her in years, Craig Franklin her X husband 20 years ago was not a pedifile. Melinda does nothing but make up story's and stalk and harass people, Melinda does blogs on people she dosnt know, she drinks and pops pills and writes about strangers some of who she's never met. Melinda does fake emails and believes her own story's. Melinda has thousands of people she blogs or owes money to including her accountant. Gegoritta Brown 80,000 she told her she was coming into money soon, another lie by Melinda Pillsbury Foster. Please ask for business references if Melinda wants to do a website or write anything for you Melinda's a stalker blogger not a Journalist BEWARE!!